10 Reasons Your Property Isn’t Selling in Surrey - Part 2

As we touched on reasons 1-5 why your Surrey home or flat isn’t selling here is the latter half of the top 10 reasons your property might be struggling.

6. Advertise or Flounder

“If you build it, they will come” only applies to the 1989 film, ‘Field of Dreams’ with Kevin Costner. Today, you need a lot more than a “home” and a “wish” to sell your property. Without advertising, you are missing out on thousands of potential buyers. Over 90% of all buyers are finding their properties online. With Rightmove leading the charge, On The Market, Zoopla, and PrimeLocation provide potential buyers with the opportunity to see your property. It’s important to remember that most agents are not on all these portals. The preference is in the eyes of the buyer, so you should be certain to be in front of those eyes, and on as many portals as you can be. A good agent will have your estate displayed on the top sites that people search throughout Surrey. Don’t risk missing a buyer because “you use Zoopla instead of Rightmove.” This is about them, not you. Multiple streams of advertising work in any market, but especially in the UK.

7. It’s a Jungle Out There

A green thumb is perfect for maintaining a beautiful garden or front yard and greenery can help to drive the sale of a house or even sway the final decision to buy. However, be wary of house shielding bushes, overgrown shrubs, and sunlight shielding foliage. Keep in mind that while ivy and wall-hugging plants look stunning on many houses, it also can block out sunlight and leave a garden or window covered meaning less light in the house.

8. Less is More

Although you don’t have to stage your house completely, a little minimising of your belongings is always an attractive idea. A buyer wants to envision them and their family living in that home. A clutter free home will keep them focused on the positives your home has to offer. A good idea is to remove furniture that isn’t completely necessary (to make the space look larger) and put away all clothing and other debris in every room so the floors and surfaces are spotless. These small few steps are often overlooked.

9. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Cleaning walls is the least fun task assigned to friends, family and undoubtedly, yourself; so just cover it up with a fresh coat of paint. This adds to the “new home smell” and makes your house move in ready. Choose a neutral tone especially if you have dark walls, a tip to make the house look larger and the ceiling higher, is to go light and airy. Think light grey or off-white and eggshell white.

10. Get on Social Media

Whether you’ve forgotten about sharing your property on social media or you’ve chosen an estate agent that isn’t utilising the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to name a few), it is imperative to share your information on these as you never know where buyers or letters are coming from.

With these tips, you’re sure to sell your house in any market, let alone in the Surrey property market where the average sold price of homes has increased over the last year by nearly 4%.