10 Reasons Your Property Isn’t Selling in Surrey - Part 1

Are you wondering why your property has been on the market in Surrey for over three months?
Six months? A year!? Here are some of the top ten reasons why missing the mark with potential
buyers are leaving your house on the market

1. It Must Be Made of Gold!

We'll start with the most obvious... the price, its common practice for agents to give you an
inflated listing price, selling you the dreams of many buyers on their books. This practice leads
to low interest from genuine buyers (they will do their own research on the value of your
home) and leaving your property to go stale on the market. Perhaps it's time to ask an agent for
help or seek the expertise of a new agent for an assessment of your property to get it moving.

2. The Marketing

Another no-brainer is that the description is lacklustre and isn't motivating buyers to view your
Surrey property. Descriptive words can turn boring text into an imaginative narrative by using
words like cosy, quaint or charming as an example. The other problem here is when the
description is too grand, expectations are muddled, and potential buyers are let down when
they set foot in the property. Adjectives are your friend, so embellish... but don't bend the
truth, this brings us to our next point.

3. What are Buyers, Buying

Exaggerating a property's features is one thing but bend the truth and you could find yourself in
hot water. There’s nothing more disheartening than to read about a property expecting to see
what you’ve read, only to turn up discovering the write up has miss sold you.

4. Why Estates are worth their Fee

Getting an expert in selling property with local familiarity, is essential when selling your Surrey
home. Although choosing the right agent is difficult, look for an agent with experience, positive
reviews, and drive. Ambition accounts for a lot because while an agent with experience may
rest on their laurels, a new agent will be more hungry for the sale and will work harder to
introduce buyers to your listing. On the other hand, an experienced agent works smarter by
using their experience to move property like hotcakes. Either way, find an estate agent that
jives with your personality and the sale of your house will be less stressful.

5. Photography is everything

A photo is worth a thousand words, and in the property market, you need amazing
photography or you won’t have much luck selling your Surrey house. Hiring a professional
photographer or an agent with connections is the only smart way to go. With property portals
like Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket, potential buyers are inundated with properties that
compete with yours. Great lighting, angles, and a select number of great photos can mean the

difference between getting a buyer or leaving them wanting more. With “instant gratification”
being synonymous with the internet and today’s home buyers, they will find what they are
looking for elsewhere. Don’t give them a reason not to book a viewing.