Benefits of a new a build property

As Londoners continue to move out to Surrey in search of more property for their money, it’s easy to see why developers are creating countless new homes across the home counties. If you’ve never moved into new build property before, you’ll find there are a number of advantages that are well worth knowing about, from saving money to having a blank canvas.

Here’s what Yooodle buyers love about living in new build:

1. New build properties are guaranteed for 10 years

In a world of uncertainty where even our phones have built-in redundancy, it’s reassuring to know that a new build house comes with a guarantee. Under the National House Building Council (NHBC) scheme, newly built houses, flats and apartments are guaranteed for ten years. This means that once you’ve moved in, nearly all repairs are covered. During the first two years, the builders who built the house are responsible for making any repairs; from the three-year mark, the NHBC is liable.

Mortgage lenders are looking for this warranty when they make the decision to lend to you. Lenders will have turned down mortgage applicants because the property was in bad repair; buying new build property helps you avoid at least one conveyancing headache!

2. Lower bills

Building regulations ensure that properties become more energy-efficient all the time. Improved insulation, low water use heating systems and brand new wiring all help you to run your property at maximum efficiency. As a general rule, newer properties run up lower bills than older ones. Depending on the size of the property you move to, you could see your bills decrease. You’ll certainly benefit from peace of mind, knowing that your new property has the lowest possible household emissions.

3. It’s all yours!

One thing that comes up time and again when people talk about loving their new build property is that they get to be the first person to live there. Some love it because of the brand new, unused quality of the house. There is something very special about living in a house that no one else has lived in before you. For some, it can go deeper – wouldn’t it be lovely if this became the family home, passed down through the generations?

4. A blank canvas

Many owners of new build property are very glad they don’t have to deal with the previous owner’s questionable interior design, or feel the pressure to cover it up with something more to their own taste. It’s important to put your own stamp on your home, but it’s also important to do it in your own time, plan it and get the look just right. With the neutral colours the developer will have chosen, it will be possible to live with the interior design even if you have a long-term plan to paint it in shades that are more “you.”

There are lots of reasons why people love living in new build property. If they resonate with you, it could be time to take the plunge and buy the home that’s never been anyone’s but yours. You’ll benefit from lower bills and smooth conveyancing, as well as knowing that your home will cost you nothing in repairs for the first ten years.

Whether you’re buying or selling new build property, we’d love to hear from you. Contact the Yooodle team today on 01932 212 880 to find out more.