Love or Loath It, The Future of Selling Your Weybridge Property is Virtual Reality

The billion-dollar Virtual Reality industry that started in the 1960s isn’t just for gaming anymore. With fields like health care, fashion and video games leading the charge as exemplary examples of VR use. Clever estate agents and the industry at large, has taken note of the possibilities of VR in buying or letting homes. The results have been incredible.

From the obvious 360 photos to full-on guided visits and interactive virtual staging with your own furniture, the world of VR makes estate letting and buying easier than ever. Architectural visualisation is a term that relays to VR photos allowing a potential client to view your space. Amazingly, overseas investors or clients in another location now have the ability to walk through a house, see your furniture in it and place an offer on your property knowing what the space looks like without ever setting foot in the property. All with the aid of virtual reality.

What is the importance of hiring an estate agent that uses VR for their listings today?

People process images 60,000 times faster than text and interpret video 80% better than reading which is why a VR tour of a home is so important. It achieves both. It can allow the potential home buyer or new tenant a chance to walk through the home uninterrupted and at their speed.

Another important aspect is the ability to judge the scale of the property. Often times, photography can distort reality with a fish-eye or wide-angle camera lenses. VR tours allow clients to view the space in a realistic way, showing the aspects, scale and depth in a much more intuitive way.

Virtual Reality for your Weybridge Property Removes Obstacles

It doesn’t have the annoying obstacles that an open house would have. The odd neighbours who just want to see the inside of the home that is up for sale. Other estate agents who are just checking the place out. VR eliminates the uncomfortable high-pressure sales environment that some amateur agents create and allows you to peruse a home at your leisure and return whenever you’d like.

Young People Looking for Property Love Virtual Reality

As millennials enter the home-buying stage of their lives, newer, more creative tech-savvy solutions are surfacing. VR is one of the tools that allow them to feel ownership before ever even signing on the dotted line. The feeling of ownership is likely to cause a potential buyer to email an estate agent and book a private viewing of your home. With so many homes being listed with Virtual Reality tour photos, you don’t want to be left behind.

Should You Hire an Estate Agent that uses Virtual Reality Photos?

The short answer, Absolutely.
Aside from visually staging your home and having it walkable to potential buyers or home letters in Weybridge, you’re also unintentionally showcasing your pride and transparency in relation to your home. The 360 photos leave nothing to the imagination and no nook or cranny is hidden. This allows potential buyers and home letters to truly see what they are getting into before even calling the estate agent. This means the calls you do get, and the viewings are of a higher calibre and are a more qualified lead. That means you’ll sell your house faster.