How to get your offer accepted when you’re buying property

Property in West Surrey is in high demand, with beautiful countryside right on the doorstep and London only half an hour away by train. Once you’ve found your dream Weybridge property, you’ll be putting in an offer and crossing your fingers it gets accepted. But there’s more to having your offer accepted than luck – put in a bit of time and energy beforehand and you’ll considerably increase your chances.

Here’s how:

1. Plan ahead

Having your offer accepted isn’t just about the amount you’re offering for a property. Your offer might not be the highest but if you can show that you’re ready to go ahead, you’ll be more attractive to sellers.

To demonstrate to sellers that you’re serious about house-buying, it’s a good idea to get a mortgage in principle. This is where you ask a mortgage broker to assess your income and decide in principle whether they would offer you a mortgage based on your current circumstances. This saves a lot of time – you’ve done all the evidence-gathering and assessment in advance; once the offer is accepted, all it needs is to be formalised. You can show the MIP to the seller to prove that you’re in a position to move ahead – they’ll see that you’re the right person for a quick sale and are more likely to accept your offer.

You can also research conveyancers (property solicitors) at this stage, helping you to hit the ground running and show sellers that you’re serious.

2. Do your homework

Your offer is more likely to accepted if it’s realistic, so look at property websites and find out what other similar houses are selling for in the same area. This will tell you roughly how much to offer for the property you’re hoping to buy.

Putting in a realistic offer makes it easier for you to stand your ground if the seller is wavering. For example, if you feel a property is priced somewhat high when compared with similar houses in the area, you could make a lower offer knowing that you could justify it if challenged. In turn, this helps you to act confidently and make a good impression, which could help your chances of having your offer accepted.  

3. Avoid round numbers

When you put in your offer, avoid round numbers – you could successfully trump another offer without going over your budget. For example, if the seller is considering an offer of £550,000 and you offer £551,500, you’ll be the person putting in the highest offer. You may well have your offer accepted because it’s the highest, but you won’t have stretched yourself too much to achieve it.

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