5 mistakes to avoid when you are looking to buy a property in the UK

In many ways, the task of searching for and buying a house is more straightforward now than it has ever been. With the wealth of information the Internet provides at your fingertips, a lot of the mystery previously associated with the house purchase process has melted away.

Mistakes can still happen, though, when one is buying a property, and there are some misjudgements that can be especially common. So, let’s take a look through some of them.
Focusing too much on superficial details

Whether you are being shown around property for sale in Reading, Weybridge or any of the other areas we serve, it’s best to not just look at the decoration (or even the seller’s furniture!) and declare that everything with the property seems fine.
Instead, have a list prepared beforehand of the really important things to look out for – the things that it would be much more of an expensive hassle to fix, such as signs of damp on the walls, or of rot in any wooden window frames.

Failing to research the local area properly
Every last detail of a given property itself may seem great, but its appeal could be greatly harmed by a less-than-desirable location.

So, this is something you really need to research – don’t just presume that because the locality appears to be alright in online photos, it definitely is. Check out the area for yourself ‘in person’, find out about the local schools and shops, and look up the neighbourhood’s crime rate – even just a search of Google News online could throw up something of interest.
Only accounting for the ‘headline’ property price

It might seem the most obvious advice of all to carefully work out how much you can afford to spend. But perhaps it is precisely because of this, that a lot of inexperienced buyers rush through this process, leaving themselves vulnerable to a shock or two at a later date.
In particular, first-time buyers often fail to think beyond the deposit and purchase price. The reality is that those buying property for sale in Reading, Weybridge and other areas will almost certainly incur additional costs – such as solicitors’ fees, stamp duty, removals, and so on – which could cut a lot into how much they can afford to pay for the house itself.

It’s much better to risk overestimating your costs, than it is to risk underestimating them.
Not moving swiftly enough for a good deal… or moving too fast

Yes, it can feel like a minefield at times, trying to find the right balance between firming up your interest too quickly, and doing so too slowly. But it’s not impossible to achieve that balance.
To avoid being too slow, try not to overthink things too much, particularly if you know you love the given property, and it is within your budget. As for going too fast, this might be particularly likely to happen if you have been told there is a lot of interest in the property. Even if you do hear that, allow yourself to take the time you need in order to be absolutely happy with your offer.

Searching outside your price or location range
Most of us who have ever taken an interest in property have probably fantasised about living in a certain place that is well beyond our budget, or not sensible in terms of location. But if you are seriously searching for a home to purchase, you should be channelling all your energies into looking at homes that you could feasibly purchase.

In other words, don’t risk ending up with a ‘could have been’ situation in relation to a particular property you missed out on, because you wasted time looking at ‘never could have been’ properties instead. And be sure and disciplined when it comes to setting, and sticking with, your budget.

Do you have any other questions or concerns about the property purchase process, or about how our own professionals could help you? In that case, feel free to browse our buyer FAQs, or even to enquire to the Yooodle team more directly at our Surrey office.